Friday, May 9, 2008

Wow. Twinkie was a mess today. We went to the library. She didn't want to leave so I had to half drag her to the car. Only after she started running off in parking lot. Then she complained for the rest of the day that I hurt her arm. Then she said how much I hurt her feelings and made her sad. That actually made me laugh since it was kind of cute. We get home and she wanted her drink. I guess I wasn't fast enough because she started screaming. Off to her room for a good half hour screamfest. I guess I could excuse it and say that she was tired but I think she was just being a brat.

Then we left to pick up Mr. Man and she dumped her drink....on purpose....all over the floorboard. When will I learn? So she came home, ate dinner, and went to bed. My head is throbbing and I am already looking forward to tomorrow.

On the bright side, Tater learned how to 'roll em up, roll em up' on the patty cake song. I wish I could even describe her doing it. The cutest thing ever.

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Teri said...

Yeah, I like to use that whole "she's just tired" excuse too. That sucks, home it got better.

Side note: Are your Twinkie and my Spawn the same child?