Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dentists suck.

I have always hated going to the dentist. Nothing good comes from it. Believe me, I do not come from good teeth genes. I had to have two teeth pulled yesterday. Personally, I think if your wisdom teeth aren't bothering anyone you should just leave them alone. Mine, however, couldn't be nice so now they are gone. Yep, I am loopy from the pain.

Even finding a babysitter for my kiddos is an ordeal. That's mostly why I never get things done from know, haircuts, doctor....I had my 13 year old sister come over to watch them. What I didn't know is that my mom wasn't going to be home (next door). So she couldn't handle them (I think they were interrupting her iPod time) and took them to my sister in laws house (two houses down). We actually live in the country so it's hard to describe our houses. We are in walking distance of each other though. I have only left Tater a few times so I know it wouldn't be easy. I would've asked my sister in law to begin with but she always makes me feel....I can't think of a word but I hate asking her. And I NEVER ask my mom. It would have to be a very bad emergency for me to ask her. However, I watch their children. How sad am I?

I want to move. We debate it on a monthly basis. I think Twinkie would miss living near everyone. She loves it here. How could you not love having built in playmates? But too much family is not a good thing.

On a sidenote, I was supposed to get my Wii Fit yesterday and it didn't come. I have all of Twinkie's toys piled in the livingroom so I guess even if I had it I couldn't hook it up.

Can I just go back to bed?


Teri said...

Damn 13 year olds and their IPODS. I hope you didn't have to pay her. I've been avoiding the wisdom teeth for 5 years now :)

Mandy said...

She did not get paid but I am sure I will hear about how I took advantage of her. I get that alot.