Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

I am not a huge fan of what I percieve as 'made up holidays.' However, it doesn't stop me from taking some advantage of it. I was actually going to go to the movies by myself today. I was so excited. Unfortunately I fell asleep next to Tater and missed the movies. Oh well, at least I got a nap and didn't have to worry about Twinkie being unsupervised.

We just put in a swingset and a playhouse. Twinkie is in little girl heaven. She wants to play outside constantly. Tonight, she barely made it through her bath before her eyes started closing. I had to put 3 bandaides on her 'boo-boo's (blisters). We do have to go get another lock for our front door though. I have caught her trying to sneak out of the house. Plus she keeps letting our stupid cat out. Then she looks at me all innocent and says that Sasha wanted to go outside. I have told her over and over that Sasha has to stay in the house. She will also put her outside because Sasha hurt her. That is on an hourly basis. I would probably hurt her too if I was that cat.

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