Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Mr. Man works in retail. He loves his job. It's mostly comission based so he makes good money because for some reason, he is awesome at that kind of job. So two months ago, they had a meeting one Friday night. He text me after the meeting 8:00ish telling me that he was going out for a drink with his friend/co-worker we will call Jackass (JA). We are friends with JA and his know birthday parties, cookouts, that kind of things. No problem.

I called him around 10:30 p.m. to see when he was coming home. No answer. I text him a few times but no response. I called again around midnight....and I was mad so I left him a mean message. Well come 2:30 ish he calls and I have to go pick him up. It isn't as easy at that but I'll just leave it at that for now. Well on the way home, he tells me he was out with JA and two girls from work. It seems that when they were leaving work, the two girls came with them (preplanned by JA). Okay. Usually this wouldn't be an issue but JA is messing around with one of these girls. So it basically was like a double date. Mr. Man denies that of course but like I have told him several times it's all about perception. What married man does that?? These are young 20 year old girls. (Don't even ask me how they are bar hopping).

During the two weeks before this, Mr. Man has told me things that JA tells him about this girl and what they have been doing. Well then he gets a call from JA's wife (at 2:30 a.m.) and she is upset wanting to know where her husband is.

The next day I called JA's wife just to check on her. I was upset at Mr. Man and we were talking about that night. Well her version of the story was so different than mine. She didn't know that they were out with the two girls. So needless to say, I ended up telling her every little thing that I knew about this girl and her husband. Not the best but...wouldn't you want to know? I didn't expect JA to twist everything and make me look like I just took everything Mr. Man told me and got it wrong. Whatever. JA even wanted Mr. Man to tell me that things weren't true and that I took serious what they were joking around. Like JA having this girl over when his wife was out of town. I can't make that up.

The outcome is I think JA has been kicked to the couch. But he still does things with this girl at work so that hasn't stopped. Our friendship is pretty much over because I have no respect for him and really she probably doesn't want to hang out with the woman who told on her husband. I know that JA and Mr. Man don't really hang out anymore.

Last night, there was a sales meeting in the town about an hour away. I had to go and pick up Mr. Man because the two guys that were going to give him a ride home were going to these two girls home to hang out. They were coming up with stories to tell their wives. HELLO! What they hell is it about these two girls that seems to attract married men with families? I am so irritated. JA is out of town or he would probably be there too. Disgusting.

I now most of this probably doesn't make sense but I just had to get it out there. I mean I know these people Mr. Man works with....he's been there for two years. I know their wives and I am just horrified by the behavior that is going on. I wish he could find another job. *sigh*