Thursday, May 21, 2009

A niece on the way....

My brother and his wife are adopting a baby girl. It's the craziest story. They have three boys with the youngest being just over 1. They have wanted a girl but decided to stop having children. I think they tossed the idea of adopting one but just left it at that. Then my uncle and aunt end up with a newborn that is from a relative of my aunt's. They don't plan on keeping her long term and my aunt brought up the idea of my brother and sister in law adopting her. There you go.

It actually sounds too easy. I worked for social services for years so I am hesitant with it all. The mom is agreeing for them to take the baby...without ever having met them. Can you tell she is a real winner? Well and the baby's name is Destiny. Come on, that is a classic CPS name. I have never met a Destiny that wasn't in foster care. I am praying that it works out for them. They lawyer is telling them that they should have her in a couple months. If something goes wrong, my sister in law will be crushed. They had her yesterday and she is a sweety. Well what month old isn't?

So my fingers and toes are crossed and that I am being cynical for no reason.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wow...I was gone for a long time.

Time seriously got away from me. You could probably tell that I seemed to be slipping down there at the end. I was....but I am better now....well maybe. Is anyone really that okay?

There are just some things you can't write on Twitter or Facebook. Twitter because there isn't enough space and Facebook because I have relatives as my friends. I know people still stop by so we'll see.