Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I guess I need to stop saying it. Twinkie has already said it twice on her own. Of course she will copy things we say but when they start saying them on their own then I guess it's an issue. I was cleaning out the tub and I put the bath seat up on the ledge. I was leaning over and it fell. I stopped myself from saying anything. Twinkie didn't. She said 'fuck' and just started playing again. She has also called our dog 'damn dog.'

Another thing she does is calls everything stupid. I never realized how often I say that. We were putting change into a jar the other day and she would pick up a quarter and say 'stupid quarter' and then a dime and say 'stupid dime.' It was funny. I have heard her call many things stupid. Her toy, her shirt, her bed....it's endless.

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