Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stupid library.

If you have read my previous posts, I had a problem with some guy watching porn on the computer in our library during the children's reading time. The library director said that they would make it a priority to put privacy screens on their monitors. It hasn't happened yet. My sister in a law are now going to a different library. It's the library in the next town over. They actually have better books.

Our old library was always kind of strange. Earlier this year, I donated a few hundred books and only a couple made it to the shelves. The rest went to the for sale bin. That kind of pissed me off because I buy bestseller/new books and read them within a day or two so they are always in great condition. It's like they weren't good enough. One book I bought like the week before (it had just come out) and read it. They even put that in the for sale bin. Doesn't make sense.

Plus, the other day we were at the library (sister in law and I) and our two toddlers were in the children's part. They were loud but not being horrible. I went to tell them to talk a little more quiet and as we were talking to them explaining how they had to be quiet in the library, one of the workers came by to lecture them about using their library voices. Ummm...HELLO? Their moms are standing right there telling them to quiet down. I always find that extremely rude. Of course, I always wish I would say something like 'I have it under control' or 'back off bitch.'

That reminds of what happened all Walmart yesterday. I hate Walmart. Maybe tomorrow I can tell all my horrible Walmart stories. Unfortunately, it's pretty much all we have. Target is like an hour away so I save it for special occasions. Anyway, I am checking out at Walmart and I pushed my cart up to put groceries in. Tater is trying to grab the sacks on the turnstyle thing. The lady actually told her to watch her hands. Kind of in a rude voice too. I told her that she was only 9 months old and I didn't think that she understood that. When tater was a baby, she was crying and I was almost done. I was trying to sooth her without picking her up so that I could get checked out. Finally I was done loading groceries and picked her up. The lady behind me told me it was a good thing because she was about to come get her since I just let her cry. Ummm...yeah. Go for it. Then I can explain to the police why you are missing an arm.

Okay, that all sounds kind of jumbled. The moral of the story is, I don't need comments about or to my children. It's rude and you aren't their mother. If you judge, do it me. haha.

I need to get to bed. Night, night.

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