Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Moms Groups Suck

You know how hard it is to find a good group? I remember when Twinkie was a baby, I tried to join a baby group. It was okay but we basically all sat around in a circle and breastfed. Then the family activities were hiking and biking. The hell with that.

I next joined when she was crawling. Kind of the same thing. One time a mom told me that she stayed with this group rather than the older kid group because moms there would feed their kids skittles and she was still breastfeeding. I think her son was three or so. All I could think when she was telling me that is 'Where do I find that group?' I am totally a skittle feeding kind of mom.

I know go to MOPS. It's good but sometimes it's just irritating. Like today we had a mommy exchange where everything brought some things in to exchange. Well several times during the meeting, we were told we would go and look through the things at the end. By the time the end came, three women had pretty much cleaned everything out. Very rude. They came out with huge piles of stuff. I didn't really need anything but that is hardly the point. Plus I took in nice things (or so I thought) and all that was there were like clothes that had been through 10 kids.

Oh well. I will probably continue to go but how hard is it to find a mom like me? Even at the park, moms are feeding their kids all this healthy stuff and they are drinking organic juice. Twinkie is eating a peanut butter sandwich and drinking a CapriSun. Today at MOPS I gave Tater some chocolate cake. I am sure I could hear the gasps around me. On the upside, we learned how to host a party today. I sure that will come in handy. Really.


bj said...

I came across your blog while searching mommy groups suck half because I'm at the end of my rope with this mom group stuff and half to see if there was anyone out there that is like me. I'm glad there is at least one person out there like me. Kuddos for being able to sit through mops, I don't think I could...thinking of mops makes the theme song from "Weeds" go through my head. ;)

Anonymous said...

I was searching Mommy Groups Suck too - even tho mine is much older.

Seriously. What gives?

Oh well. At least there are 2 whole other people out there in the world at least that agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Make that three people who agree! I also googled mom's groups suck. LOL

Anonymous said...

I had no idea others felt this way and I am relieved. I've tried a few mom groups and they were horrible! It was a bunch of caddy, gross, bored moms with nothing to do other than create events that most of us would never go to, but end up feeling pressured by the group. Then ass kisser moms rate it as a 10 while the rest of us were like "why did i just go to that?" YUCKY MOMS CAN KISS MY ASS!

Anonymous said...

I also googled Mommy groups suck, I'm tempted to start a Mommy group called "Mommy Groups Suck". The only rules are you must loathe Mommy groups, have an aversion to Jr. High/HS esque cliques, can handle a cocktail buzz with maturity and refrain from College days behavior.

No scrapbooking
No soap or candle making
No flaking or BS
No complaining about your weight, then show up at my house at 10 pm when the dinner party started at 6 and proceed to eat and drink everything in my house.

Anonymous said...

Also...Yes my children watch TV, I also did as a child get over it! If you're appalled by that this group isn't for you!