Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When it rains, it pours.

Twinkie and I are just having a constant battle of wills. Yesterday we were at my sister in law's house and she was playing with her 'best friend' N. Well he pushed her. Granted he shouldn't have done that, but she called him stupid. I told her to say that she was sorry and for them to get along. This is how it went:

Me: Twinkie, tell N that you are sorry for calling him stupid.
Her: No.
Me: Tell him you are sorry.
Her: No.
Me: If you don't tell him you are sorry, we have to go home.
Her: No.
Me: Okay Twinkie, let's go.
Her: No

Well you get the idea. We just live next door so it's not like we had to go far. Man, she just wouldn't say she was sorry. So then we get home and we were talking about it. She said that she wouldn't call him stupid again but that he pushed her. She still refused to apologize. I was okay with that. But then today, she called him stupid again. I can tell that talk worked.

I have a horrible toothache. I finally went to the dentist and I have to have two wisdom teeth pulled next week. Yuck. You know how hard it is to try and schedule dentist appointments when you have two little ones with nobody to watch them? The dentist is lecturing me about taking so long to come in and I just kept thinking "Yeah, are you going to babysit for me?"

We had to take our car in to be fixed. I think the whole engine might need overhauled. If we didn't owe so much on it, I would just run it off a cliff. Well since it doesn't run, I would have to push it....but it would feel so good. I cringe when I think about how much money it's going to cost.

My dad went in for a colonoscopy today. I learned that when he's medicated, he's pretty much an ass. But anyway....they found several polyps and I guess the more there are and bigger they are, chances go up that their cancerous. I need to stop reading things on the Internet. I pray that everything is okay.

Then today, the wind was blowing like crazy. You know I mentioned earlier that we bought Twinkie a swingset. Well the wind blew it over. It was a nice wood one too. Mr. Man acts like it's my fault because I should have known that would happen. He wanted a different one but they didn't have any in stock. I actually wanted a more expensive one but he didn't want to spend the money since both kiddos are so young. Why can't we just blame the wind? So it's hard to tell if we can even fix it. I felt bad for Twinkie because she started crying and wanted 'Kuncle' to come over and fix it. She isn't even three yet but she knows that my brother is the one that fixes things for us. That's funny.

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