Tuesday, June 10, 2008

uh huh

Don't you love when conversations start out like "I am not trying to tell you how to parent, but you are going to have to spank her." Just a quote from my mom.

Moving on....

We went to a birthday party this last weekend for my cousin's 2 year old. It was during his naptime so that was fun. He pretty much didn't want to do anything and kept crying and stomping around. Why would you have a party during naptime? Then my cousin married a 'perfect' family. I know you know the kind I am talking about. I feel kind of bad for her because there is a lot of pressure on her to be like them. One of them had a daughter named 'Bentley'. Enough said.

Today, Mr. Man was off work. We went to Target. It's like an hour away so it was the highlight of my month. Of course, I spend too much money everytime I go there. I bought the girls some cute shirts, a few toys, and a book for me. Mostly I was looking for a shelf but didn't find anything I liked. Shocking I know. I do have a list for what I want next time I go.

Tomorrow I am staying home and cleaning my mess of a house. I told Mr. Man if CPS came over they would probably take our kids away. I know, I used to work there. Well, maybe it's not CPS bad but it could go there unless I get control of the mess.


So myself and another worker went to this home. I think it was a trailer if I remember right. The report was that the children were sleeping outside and the house was a mess. Well, when the woman opened the door, the smell just overwhelmed you. I thought I was going to be sick. I had even put Vicks under my nose (smelly house trick). The floor was just matted carpet (pee and feces everywhere). In the kitchen, there was a hole in the floor that showed the ground. The fridge was completely black on the inside.

There was just a couch and bed. Well and this huge cat castle. I can't remember how many animals she had but it was quite a few. She said that the kids liked sleeping outside (even though they admitted to doing it to get away from the smell). Now this part is horrible....so she is taking us through the home and she shows us the bathroom and just flips the light on and off real quick. My coworker asked her to turn it on again and the whole bathroom was a huge litter box. Seriously, there was just a thick layer of kitty litter on the floor and that is where the cats went. Ewwwww.....

The funniest part is when we got there, she was just sitting on her couch reading a romance novel. Those kids weren't removed. So I guess my house does have a ways to go for that to happen.

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Bad Mommy said...

Holy crapoly. I had a house like that once, only substitute dog for cat.

Yeah, we removed. In my defense, we were met at the door by mom and she was wielding a hammer.