Sunday, June 8, 2008

Long day.

We had Mr. Man's company picnic today. It was fun. I usually only like the giveaways even though I never win. We always win a stupid kid toy. Same thing this year. It's one of those game things you hook to the T.V. I was hoping for at least a toy that I could regift. Oh well. I wanted to win the iPod or the outdoor fire pit. That would have been nice.

They had a bouncy house and I think Twinkie jumped for 3 hours straight. She loves those things. I am one of those moms that lets her on even though the older kids want to go crazy. Then they have to slow down because she is so little. The funny part of the day is that she pretended to be lost even though I could see her. The first time she was talking to a girl about 12 or 13. I didn't think anything of it and then the girl picked her up. I got to her just as a man was asking her what her mommy's name was and Twinkie looking all sad. The second time I was like 10 feet away. Maybe she just has that look of a abandoned child about her. She milks it too. She also had like 5 sno-cones and some cotton candy. No wonder she had so much energy to bounce that much. She never wanted to leave. I had to bribe her with renting one for her birthday. Is that too much? Hmmm....

Jackass and his family wasn't there. That was a good thing. Even though there were tons of people there, I just didn't want them to show up. Skankho wasn't there either. Hmmm...last I heard, Jackass's family was out of town so it wouldn't surprise me if he and Skankho decided to take advantage of that.

And for the last thing of the evening, Twinkie put together a puzzle. Now, Mr. Man thinks she is a genius. I am thinking I should go to bed. Today was long with the heat and being out all day. Plus, this morning I did tons of hula hooping on the Wii fit. I am too lazy to do anything else. Mr. Man is asleep on the couch. Which kind of makes me wonder why I am still watching the stupid NBA finals. Especially since I know Army Wives is on. I love that show.

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