Thursday, June 26, 2008

Potty training cont.

Potty training continues. I was lazy for a few days and so it was diapers. Today, Twinkie had no accidents. Very cool. She even wanted to wear her panties to bed but we are not even close to that. She is excited to use the potty. It is actually so cute because she just beams everytime she goes. I guess it really is true that they are ready when they are ready.

Previously, my mom said that I would probably have to spank her. Ummm...yeah, that would've worked. Twinkie just wants to go to school and she knows that she has to be potty trained to do it. She has another two months so we are doing good.

Today we did absolutely nothing. We seriously played in the floor most of the day. I would show you a picture of my living room but it's just embarrassing. I am trying to ignore the mess right now. The good news is I have most of the playroom put together. The bad news is half of my livingroom is full of things that came out of there. We are thinking of having a yard sale. I just can't decide what to do with the baby stuff. Keep it....sell it? Hmmmm...

I feel a little better today. Maybe I can blame it on PMS. Which I have to tell you, I always heard that when you had children, things because better in that area. THEY WERE LYING. I am still not talking to my sister in law. I will continue being childish. She probably doesn't even notice. haha

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