Monday, June 16, 2008

My grandma's birthday.

Well actually it is my great-grandmother. We went to her birthday party on Saturday. It was kind of annoying because I only heard a rumor about a party on Thursday so I called my grandma to confirm. She said that invitations barely were sent out. Usually things in my family are potluck but nobody knew if this was the case. Then it said to RSVP but didn't have anyone to RSVP to. Anyway, so we went.

Of course they ran out of food. Well they had hot dogs. But if you see my previous post, maybe it's better than we didn't really get the chance to eat. That's like last weekend we went to my cousin's son's birthday. She ran out of party bags. So Twinkie didn't get one and was all upset. Hello? Shouldn't you have enough for the children that you invite. We RSVP'd. It's not like we need a party bag but when all the other children have one and she doesn't, it's not pleasant.

I guess I am a planner. I do not understand how I come from a family that are NOT planners. I am usually on time to things and I come from a family that are always late. Even Saturday, the party started at 11:30 a.m. and I tried to get there late because I should know how it is. I didn't there until almost noon and there were like 2 people there. Ugh.

My mom is classic. My sister's birthday is on Thursday (she will be 11). I keep asking her what she is doing but they have no clue. She complains that nobody will be there but seriously...what do you expect when you don't plan? I am already planning the girls birthday and I still have two months. But you know what?? People come to my things. That pisses my mom off too. She really expects us to keep weekends open when it's time for her kid's birthdays. We have missed so many because she just doesn't plan. A little effort, that is all.

I was going to rent a bouncy house for Twinkie and Tater's birthday (we are having them together). I got a huge eye roll about that one. Whatever.

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