Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I guess we are going camping over the weekend. I hate camping. I always have. I am not one that can go without showers and I can NEVER pee in the wilderness. I just wasn't cut out for it. However, we now have a camper. I think it's from like the 80's but hey, it's a camper. It's been sitting outside all winter so I was positive there would be mice evidence. If you have read my blog previously, you know there can't be anything worse. I looked today and it seemed okay so we'll see. The last time we went it was last summer and I was like 9 months pregnant. It was not fun at all. Especially when everyone gets drunk and I am sitting there fat and sober. I am still nursing so I guess I will still be the fat and sober one.

The only reason I am going is because everyone is going. I have a huge extended family and they use this as kind of an unofficial reunion. My grandparents have a 'homemade' campground about a mile from a lake. It's pretty nice. There are bathrooms and a playground. I know Twinkie will have tons of fun. So wish me luck that I survive the wilderness (well semi-wilderness).

Potty training is going okay. Twinkie didn't want to put on a diaper for bed tonight so I know she will wet the bed. Oh well. Today, she peed her pants in the car. Being the bad mom that I am, I didn't have any extra clothes. I tried to rinse out her panties and shorts in the bathroom at the restaurant and then dry it with the auto dryer and it kind of worked. I am sure the people that came in loved my 2 year old standing there half naked. Plus, I kept running the dryer and it made it soooo hot in the bathroom.

Then we went to Walmart to buy things for our 'camping' trip. Going camping is expensive after all. We bought marshmallows but we already opened them and me and the girls ate some. I should've bought an extra bag. When will I learn? How can you resist a huge marshmallow? Okay, I admit that I opened the bag before we even pulled out the parking lot. If you would have seen the way that Twinkie said marshmallow, you would've caved too. She said it right, it was just the way she moved her mouth that was funny.

We were watching Dora this afternoon and it was an episode about Dora and Boots celebrating Best Friends Day. Twinkie came and hugged me and told me "Happy Best Friends Day Mom." Then she told me I was her best friend.

It just doesn't get any better than that.

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