Monday, July 28, 2008

Potty training success.

I think I can officially say that Twinkie's potty training has been successful. She hasn't had an accident in two weeks. Well, there was one day she peed on the ground when she was outside running in the sprinklers but I am not going to count that. She knew what she was doing because she moved her swimsuit to the side so she could 'make a puddle.' She has been wearing a diaper to bed but she has been dry for about a week. The other night she even woke me up in middle of the night to tell me she had to go pee. The funny part is that the bathroom is closer to her than my room but oh well. She usually goes herself and I only ask her once or twice a day. She is obsessed with going to the bathroom at Mr. Man's work. Anytime we are there to pick him up or drive by she wants to go pee at daddy's work.

It's funny at night when she has a diaper on because she tells us "I am a baby now." But when she takes off the diaper she is a big girl.

We went and picked up a playhouse that we bought off someone on a yahoo group. I love it. I will take a picture tomorrow and post it. I had to bribe my brother to haul it for me. It's like a smaller pink version of a wood shed. It even has a porch. The man threw in the stuff he had with it so I also got a Little Tikes table and chairs, a washer and some kind of kitchen thing. He also gave me one of those big plastic cars that you ride in.

The house needs to be touched up and maybe some kind of linoleum for the floor but it's in great shape and we got it for like 1/4 of the price of a new one. We would've never bought one if I hadn't seen this one. I was lucky too because I was able to see it the next morning and they still had several people coming later that day. Even though we aren't moving for awhile, I am dreading having to beg someone to move it for me again. Oh well. The things we do for our children :). And I guess from my brother's standpoint, things he will do for his very cute nieces.

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