Thursday, July 3, 2008

Libraries probably hate me.

I am a horrible book checker outer. Is that even a term? Anyway, in the past (aka: before children), I would read all the time. I don't as much now but I still try. I usually buy books but the problem is that I read them so fast that it is always such a waste of money. I try to become money conscious and go to the library.

When I buy a book, I read it and then it's still new looking and I donate them or sale them (except if I love it and I put it on my bookshelf). Anyway, if I check a book out of the library, it's just a disaster. About 6 months ago I checked out a book and I could never find it to return it. I ended up having to pay for it. Wouldn't you know I found it a week later under my car seat. Then last night, my cat knocked over my drink all over the book I am currently reading. So I quickly ordered it off Amazon and I hope they are nice since I am replacing it. One of the children's books I have has teeth marks and I am suspicious that those teeth marks would match up perfect with Tater. I suck with library books.

I still have a book from another library (you know, the porn one) that I can't find even though I really thought I returned it. I am usually an organized person. How is it then that I can't manage to take care of a couple of books that I borrow? My books are perfect, books I borrow....something always happens.

We are going camping in the morning. Woo hoo (enter sarcasm here). So everyone have a great 4th of July!

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