Monday, February 11, 2008


I do not have the ability to pick a paint color. In our last house, our kitchen was this horrible yellow color. As soon as I started painting the wall I could tell that it wasn't the beautiful yellow color that I was dreaming about. However, it's like we had to commit to that color. It was also the first time we painted ourselves without hiring someone.

My advice would be if you decide to take on a painting project yourself, don't decide to do the kitchen. It's a room that everyone sees. Maybe start with a nice hall closet. Needless to say, it was ugly and I cringed each day when I came home.

Now, we are in a different house and I am having problems with my bathroom. It seems like such a stupid thing to obsess about but I guess I need to focus on something. Right now, most of my bathroom is a horrible bright orange. Once again, not the beautiful burnt orange I was dreaming about. I do not know how I can get it so wrong. Yesterday, I bought this nice blue/green color and I finally think I have it right. This is the fourth color in the bathroom. Yep, four different colors. I haven't actually painted the whole bathroom but mostly just parts of the wall. Right now, the wall I am staring at is four different colors. Purdy!!

Now the problem. I have so much paint because I change my mind all the time. I have gallons and gallons. Twenty five dollars a gallon isn't cheap either. Ugh. It's one of the things Mr. Man and I disagree about. He thinks if we pay for it, we should use it. I agree in a way but do you really want to be stuck with a horrible wall just because your wife is wishy-washy? Yep, he would. I secretly think he's color blind and that is why it doesn't matter to him. That would explain why he thinks that Twinkie can wear plaid pants with a flower shirt. Hmmm....

Okay, I now notice that the new bathroom color clashes with the livingroom wall. WHAT DO I DO?

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