Monday, February 11, 2008

Being a horrible SAHM

It's true. I am. I guess I am one of those women that did not give staying at home much thought. There weren't really any other options at the time. I wonder all the time if my daughters get enough from me. Would they be better in daycare where they get to play with other kids and be stimulated more than I know they are at home?

Twinkie is just so smart and I feel that I am lacking. I just do not have an unlimited enthusiasm for Play-do. Who does? I can only make so many pizzas and balls that she ends up throwing around the house. She could probably already be potty trained. However, I think I am just too lazy to do it.

Should we even discuss Tater? She needs to be held constantly. If I move out of her sight for even a second, I am punished by her screaming her head off. I know she is a creature of my own making. However, who would think that a 6 month old held so much power?

There will be more....I just needed to break the ice.

ETA: 2/13 I re-read this post and it makes me kind of cringe. I love being home with my daughters. At this point, I would not make the choice to go back to work. However, I do miss the money but living on one income is doable.

The last few weeks have been rough. We had close to three feet of snow. Mr. Man has to take our four wheel drive to work so the girls and I have been stuck in the house. We finally got out the other day to have lunch with my mom but that's been it. Tomorrow will actually be the first day he might be able to take his car to work. All of our activities have been cancelled due to the weather. I think we all have cabin fever. Needless to say, I do wonder if Twinkie gets enough being home with me. I would say that she usually does but lately it seems like we watch too much TV and do the same things everyday.

She is just so smart and I want to encourage that but I do have a baby (that is having seperation anxiety) to take care of too. I think it's just difficult right now because Tater thinks that she can't live without sight of me. Very flattering but hard at the same time.

Whew...okay, just trying to clarify. I am praying the sun comes out and we can get back to life.

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