Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby Nephew is here

Well my new nephew 'J' is here. He is adorable. My sister in law ended up having to get a C section. So he came out all round and not puffy and squashed. You all know what I mean! He is still in the hospital because of blood sugar issues but he should be home tomorrow. Twinkie is so excited to go and see him. She doesn't understand why Ainee is still in the hospital. She did get to see J through the window and she said, "look, there is kuncle's baby." She calls my brother kuncle. How funny.

It almost makes me want another baby. I am stressing the ALMOST. I still have a baby, my chunk munk. But newborn babies are so sweet and soft. They don't bite and screech yet. :) I am not sure I would ever have three kids. Three seems like so many. I am not sure you should have more children than adults. It could be a scary thing when they outnumber you.

I signed up for a knitting class. How dedicated is that? I actually am not doing horrible on my own. Not great, but not horrible so we'll see. Everyone be prepared.....I know that I am so artistic. It's just bottled up inside me but when it comes out, don't say that I didn't warn you. I will be brilliant.

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