Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh crap.

My mom is messing around with my camera trying to find a way to change the picture settings. She is just pushing random buttons and *POW* she erased every single one of my pictures. Damn her. I had over 500 pictures. Granted I do download to my computer but it's been a few months. I seriously cried on the way home. I love taking pictures and now some are gone. I barely moved to a digital camera and now I wonder why. I guess I could've easily have lost a couple of rolls of film. I know she feels bad but....

So the things that are erased:
~Tater's first food

~Easter pics
~Tater's first tooth
~Visit with the inlaws
~Twinkie swimming

Ugh. Plus all the random shots I take. How irritating. Then she tried to blame me by saying I shouldn't have so many pictures on there. Ummm...hello??


Cristin said...

I'd be heartbroken to lose pictures!! Your mom sounds as irritating as mine....

Mandy said...

Yeah, I think it's a mom be irritating. I am sure my daughters will be saying the same thing about me.