Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Possibly Depressed?

How can you really tell? I just have been so down lately. It's been hard with the girls. Tater is going through a 'I can't have anyone other than my mom and she better be holding me stage.' I love that she loves me. However, it's impossible to get anything done. I keep telling myself it's just a stage but still. I know I created that but oh well. Then Twinkie has been showing the world that she is two. I am not a spanker but I could've easily done that today.

I want to work but I can't. I think it would be nice for the extra money. We want to add on to our house. Right now, we are on top of each other. It's enough to make anyone go insane. I think I am just in a funk. There is a perfect job for me in the paper. It's even one I have done before. I mean I have my Master's Degree so I am qualified. It would just be too hard working and still picking up Mr. Man from work. The girls would always be at daycare or in the car and that isn't fair to them.

I go through this every 6 months or so. I will be fine in a week. I just need to get my life together. Start working out again. I used to always go in the morning but since Tater came along, I have stopped. My house is a mess, car is a mess. I am behind on everything. Twinkie's room looks like Santa Clause threw up in it. That is the thing about having such a small house. Any tiny mess looks horrible.

Well, maybe things will look up soon. The good news is that I think I finally got through to Mr. Man that I am drowning and maybe he could just chip in and help me this time. We'll see.

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