Thursday, April 10, 2008

Growing up....

I am signing Twinkie up for preschool tomorrow. It was a debate but she wants to go to 'school.' She mentions it everyday. She even goes as far as puts on her backpack and tries to escape out the front door. She thinks that her daddy getting to ride the bus (to work) is the coolest thing ever. She is only two. It makes me kind of sad.

They are just growing up so fast. I wish that our minds were like video cameras. That way I could rewind things and remember things. I take tons of pictures but there are just moments you can't catch on film. Like will I remember the way that Tater scrunches up her face and squeals when she is happy or excited? How about when she rolls over at night and reaches out for me? Will I always remember Twinkie thanking God for all the stars in the sky when she says her prayers? Or how she always tells me "I love you too mommy"? Will I always remember the way that their faces light up when they see me or seek me out in a room?

Being a parent is just such an awesome responsibility. It is hard and overwhelming much of the time. It's like wearing your heart on your sleeve. It makes you vulnerable. It hurts. Yet it is literally the biggest joy I could ever have. I love these two little girls more than anything in the world. Sometimes I just look at them and just wonder how I could be so lucky.

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