Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I guess I can just post once a year.

I wish I wasn't so lazy and would keep up with my blog. Even though I lost most of my followers it was still nice to be able to get it out there. I think I last posted that I was pregnant. Well that was a year ago. My baby Natalie is now almost 5 months old. She is teething right now and asleep in her swing. I am sure it won't last long so we'll see how far we get.

I never thought we would have a third child. Four is a great number. You can always fit two carseats in cars....most of the time when you go out it's so much easier to get a table for four. I know they seem like little things but five is such an odd number. However, she absolutely completes our family and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Natalie was born on January 28th. I went in that morning for a C-section. Most of the reason for that was because they were worried about her size. Even though I know there is a huge debate about if you should have a C-section because of size....I really feel like it was the best decision for us. She was born weighing 8 lbs 13 oz which is big but probably not as big as they thought. She was perfect. She is really a good baby. She is easy to smile and already adores her older sisters.

By the way, Twinkie is Madelyn and Tater is Gabrielle. It's too hard having code names for them. What does it matter now? I originally started this as an outlet for me and just strangers to read but I don't care now. I erased a couple of posts where I was venting but left a couple too. I mean that is life right? So I am back....for now. I hope I will be better because I would love to have some sort of record since I am failing miserably with scrapbooking. LOL

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